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Security Mount for Apple TV 4K

Security Mount for Apple TV 4K

Tryten's mounting bracket for the Apple TV 4K (also supports the 4th generation Apple TV) is extremely easy to install while still providing the most security for your 4K Apple TV as possible. The Apple TV gives you access to tons of great HD content in a tiny package but can be a target for theft and easily damaged. This secure Apple TV surface and wall-mounting bracket effectively prevents both threats.

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SKU: T5826US
Apple TV mounting bracket - Easy port access

Designed and manufactured in North America to simply and securely mount the brand new Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV mounting bracket - Vesa Mount

Efficient Design

Unrestricted access to the device’s power button and important onboard USB, HDMI and ethernet ports. Airflow vent ensures the device never overheats. Designed with device drop protection. Unhindered WiFi antenna alignment.

Apple TV mounting bracket - Easy port access

Powder-coated, premium grade aluminum body’s shape memory is extremely pry-resistant.

Apple TV Wall Mount - Front


Undefeated anti-pick high-security lock. Comes with it’s own unique key set. Optional accessory: master-keyed cable lock.

Tryten T5825US - Cable Lock Option

Attach to any flat surface. Supports the 75mm VESA Mount.

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